Tuesday, May 10, 2011

College Hunter

You can cheat on your girl friend, 
but you can never cheat on the hunter

Untitled from Chung Chu on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

4/2 Museum of Moving Image experience

In the first time I went to the media class, we needed to introduce ourselves. I remember when I said I had a music degree, the professor asked do I have interests of combining my music skill into video. My answer was no. I said making MTV is a boring job. Now I realize my answer was not quite right, after I went to the Museum of Moving Image. There is a lot to explore and learn in the museum. The exhibition that struck and enlightened me the most is:

That is a workshop has some famous movie scenes in a computer, and you can change the background music, like from the original BGM, or to some unsuitable feeling music.

When I saw such workshop, I though this is a pretty simple understanding, that if we have a scene being shot, but the atmosphere is not strong enough to reach as the director wants, background music will do a tremendous job to boost up the atmosphere.
This is what I had been doing in all my video before. I would think of what kind of BGM for that scene before I design the cinematography. If I want to shift the audiences into a specific feeling for a scene, I would choose the right BGM to director them into that mood first.
Therefore, I realize I DO combine my music sense into my video. I edit the video like composing a song. I use BGM as the backing music, and use the video as the vocal.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


There is something distinctive about being "artists." Creativity is the most crucial part of it.

Someone who enjoys, or even is obsessed with, the process of creating anything from zero is somewhat an artist already.

Artists are architects. Crane is the brain. Concrete and steel frame is the concept and idea.

The building is the art piece.

All architects aim their buildings to be high and tall. Looking at the imagined skyscraper, the architect wonders how great, yet arduous to achieve the goal. He must be humble and patient, to build it block by block, floor by floor.

This is same as artist creating art piece.

Several years ago, I was chosen to create a Christian play. The only thing I know the play should include is it should be about Christianity, and it should be around 45 minutes. The show date was 2 months later. I was in charge of directing, screen writing, casting, props, sound, and anything else I forgot. Only the actors on the stage were not by part. The rest needed to be done was done by me. The script was 40 pages (in Chinese). I don't remember how I felt when I found out I finished the script in one week and how I felt when the play was finished. But the feeling should be similar when I finished by other works now, such as camera shooting and song composing.

At times, I would be shrunk back by the slow process in the huge project. However, I should not rush because I aspire to meticulously carve my work.

So the feeling is, I enjoy, or even am obsessed with, every part of crafting my work, regardless of the tremendously whole. 
Finally when I look down, my skyscraper is built.