Wednesday, April 27, 2011

4/2 Museum of Moving Image experience

In the first time I went to the media class, we needed to introduce ourselves. I remember when I said I had a music degree, the professor asked do I have interests of combining my music skill into video. My answer was no. I said making MTV is a boring job. Now I realize my answer was not quite right, after I went to the Museum of Moving Image. There is a lot to explore and learn in the museum. The exhibition that struck and enlightened me the most is:

That is a workshop has some famous movie scenes in a computer, and you can change the background music, like from the original BGM, or to some unsuitable feeling music.

When I saw such workshop, I though this is a pretty simple understanding, that if we have a scene being shot, but the atmosphere is not strong enough to reach as the director wants, background music will do a tremendous job to boost up the atmosphere.
This is what I had been doing in all my video before. I would think of what kind of BGM for that scene before I design the cinematography. If I want to shift the audiences into a specific feeling for a scene, I would choose the right BGM to director them into that mood first.
Therefore, I realize I DO combine my music sense into my video. I edit the video like composing a song. I use BGM as the backing music, and use the video as the vocal.

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  1. I am glad what you saw helped to make your own conclusions...Great blog